Is managing tuition reimbursment a headache? Instead Sign up for Tuition Pool then...

Set it. Forget it.

Tuition Pool provides fair, accurate, "no questions asked" managment of your tuition reimbursement program.

Validating college tuition reimbursement requests is inherently a complex task. But now with Tuition Pool's secure web technology, data-crunching formulas, and 24/7 online availability you can automate your tuition reimbursement request collection, validation and reporting.

Let Tuition Pool open and close your request windows, timestamp each request to the second, and crunch the numbers in real time! No guesswork!

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To schedule a pool window, enter a start date, end date and a title. Then Tuition Pool creates a pool, an online form, and automatically opens and closes your tuition pool window. To simplify accessing pools, each organization has a permanent link that automatically forwards applicants to the current pool or customizable message stating when the next pool opens.


Using your custom validation criteria Tuition Pool validates each request at the point of collection! This means the applicant has the opportunity fix problems immediately and without the need for human support.


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